All The Benefits of A/B Testing. None Of The Hassle.

You set up all of the possibilities once, Ingot collects data on which version does best, analyzes it, and then evolves your site based on what works best.

Ingot is the entire A/B testing process, automated.

Website testing used to be hard

These are the website features Ingot can currently test, and we are still adding more.

  • Test Your Copy

    Whether it's a call-to-action button, a post title, or a product description, you don't know what's best until you test.

    Give Ingot all the possibilities and let us figure out what works for you.

  • Test Pricing

    20 sales at $5.00 or 50 sales at $3.00? Ingot automates pricing strategy research so you can focus on the work you love.

    Works with the top WordPress eCommerce Platforms.

Works Right In The WordPress Dashboard

You use WordPress because it's an easy, all-in-one solution. With Ingot you own your own data, and you manage it in WordPress.

Hack Your Conversions

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