WordPress SMTP Guide & WordPress Best SMTP Plugins

Best WordPress SMTP plugins.

By default, WordPress comes with a built-in mailing mechanism called: wp_mail. The core of this mechanism uses the native PHP Mail functions to send emails. But, this could be a problem for a few reasons.

Best Way To Build Backlinks

Before I’m gonna go and mention the methods of acquiring backlinks. I want to point out the simple fact that many people ignore when they set off to build a network of Backlinks. The simple …

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DNS Records Explained

For too long there is confusion to all that concerns Domain records. Personally, with me, it reached the top when a college of mine who has enough experience and should understand them and how they …

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Multilingual SEO Best Practices Explained

If you’re offering more than one language on your website there are a number of rules you’ll need to follow to ensure your website in ranking well for your new target audiences. Whilst there are …

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WordPress 301 Redirects With Code Snippets

Today I’m going to talk about WordPress 301 Redirects. I will go over the best-practiced method while using the 301 redirect directive. In addition, I will write some code snippets which you can use for …

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WordPress Speed Optimization

WordPress Speed Optimization is important because of two main reasons – a direct reason that concerns user experience and an indirect reason related to search engine optimization. Although the direct effect in search engine optimization …

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