Best Way To Build Backlinks

Before I’m gonna go and mention the methods of acquiring backlinks. I want to point out the simple fact that many people ignore when they set off to build a network of Backlinks. The simple truth is, you must have a strong foundation before you set out on this journey. Meaning, you must have a solid website, no errors, relevant content to your niche, etc. In short, make sure your side is 100% ready before you try to acquire some connections and backlinks.

Best ways to build Backlinks

There are several ways to acquire quality backlinks. On the one hand, some of them are easier methods for new websites. On the other hand, some take a more advanced approach that requires some more groundwork. However, I’m going to present all of them and let you decide.

In short these are the recommended methods:

  • Guest posting – Contribute from your expertise to an existing blog
  • social media presence
  • Get interviewed
  • Publish high-value content
  • expired domain redirects (RISKY)
  • Create multiple websites on multiple niches and domains

how to build Backlinks for SEO: Guest Postings

This approach is fairly easy for a new blog. However, you do have to owe expertise or data on the subject you’re writing about. In addition to that, the blog needs to be in the same niche as yours is.

Furthermore, this approach features you writing an article for an established blog, they feature it and you get a backlink. However, you should keep in mind that your content needs to meet that blogs standers, Meaning, every blog has its own standards and requirements for article standers.

IN order to find blogs who accept guest posting you can simply search your keyword + these combinations:

  • write for us
  • contribute
  • guest writer
  • become a contributor
  • writers wanted
  • now accepting guest posts

Finally, I would like to say that these combinations will help you locate blogs who offer guest postings. However, it’s up to you and your skills to be published on each one you try.

Guest Writer

This method is similar to guest posting. However, the only difference is that this employees you on a regular basis for a blog. This can allow you to expand your social connections with other people in the field. Chances are it will lead to more quality and relevant backlinks from different blogs. become a contributor

Social Media Presence

The power of social media Now greater than ever. We can use this to our advantage. How so you ask? Well, this subject was always in a conservatory. In general, this doesn’t affect your rankings. However, a strong social media presence will drive traffic to your website. Meaning, if your links appear on social media, they will drive traffic and will rank the relevance of your blog. Furthermore, if your blog has a social media profile on various social media platforms, that can result in a case in which a user will search a keyword and your media page will rank in results and will appear there. Your Social Media Profile NOT YOUR BLOG.

Make waves – Get interviewed

I love this method. it’s one of my favorite ones. However, this is one of the hardest ones. excluding the situation, you buy an interview or sponsor one for money. I’m talking about a true interview.

If you do hard work, provide value and quality content, you will eventually catch the eye of other blogs. This will form partnerships and you might even get interviewed on your blog/ success/content. In my opion, this is one of the “coolest” backlinks you can get.

Publish high-value content

This method is super easy, even for new blogs. If it’s not obvious why I’m going to point it out. This is simply because it is entirely up to you. Meaning, if you create a good case study, good unique content, something worth mentioning or linking to as an external resource. Then you’ve won the jackpot.

A small exclusion, providing good content is not easy. The method itself is reachable and usable for new blogs, thus, making it an easy starter approach for new blog. But, you have to deliver your absolute best.

Expired domain redirects

Well, I don’t know if you were aware of this method, it’s risky, I don’t practice it. However, you should know that it exists and the meaning of it.

Expired domain redirects basically mean you hunt for expired domains that already ranked up on various niches. following this hunt you buy them and redirect them to your domain.

There are 2 general mindsets for this method:

  • locate and buy niche related domain. for instance: if your blog is about WordPress you will buy WordPress related domains.
  • buy the domains with the highest DA and PA.

I have to warn you from using this method. Well, honestly you can redirect a few domains. For example, if you really have a blog domain: it’s only reasonable you will buy the and redirect it to the

this is okay. However, if you practice it on the general sense, well you will receive a penalty. It’s only a matter of time. So don’t do it.

Create multiple websites on multiple niches and domains

If you have the time and skill, you can set up multiple websites on related niches and link them one to another with backlinks. However, keep in mind they need to be hosted on different servers(IP’s). Furthermore, the IP C class needs to be different in order for it to have any effect.

Finally, it goes without saying that the success of these websites will depend on your hard SEO Work to rank. Update each of them regularly and don’t neglect any of them.