Can You Really Make Money on Pinterest?

Are you looking for how to make money on Pinterest? I did some research as well and find the answer it is possible.

It’s just another social media network that allows you to save and pin pictures of your cute pets, cool fancy cars, houses and yummy food.

If you been pinning your Pinterest account for quite a while. Why not give it a try to make money with your account.

We find that these 5 ways are the most effective to turn your pinning skill to your advantages.

How To Make Pinterest As Your Online Buddy?

Pinterest is not just a platform for people decorate their account with beautiful pictures. It’s a very powerful search engine specialize for pictures.

The game set for Pinterest is different which is good for you.  

You can make use of the descriptions and keywords space to rank in the serach engine for the picture you pin.

That’s why make Pinterest as one of your online buddy. In fact, here are 5 ways that have successfully implemented to earn impressive income on Pinterest.

The Top 5 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

First of all your Pinterest account should have at least a few hundred pins and well set up. Before we move on to make money with it.

1. Use Pinterest For Affiliate Marketing

Our top pick for making money online remain affiliate marketing. Many Pinterest users know the advantage of using their pins with affiliate links. Some really make money with their pins as other users end up buying the stuffs.

Using Pinterest for affiliate marketing you can choose not to have a website or blog. You need to learn how to use keywords for your pins and description. So that your pin can be found in the search engine.

To prevent users abuse the platform, Pinterest has made their rules clear for affiliate marketing.

What Is The Income Potential?

There’s no minimum or maximum income potential for affiliate marketing. It’s all depend on you. Once you pin that pin remain on Pinterest forever.

One thing for certain, you can’t depend on a single pin and become rich overnight. There free course “Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 101” by Christina Root.

She been pinning affiliate links and make a steady income of $6000 monthly. She too start earning pennies in the early stage. She makes breakthrough income when she manages her pins go viral. 

2. Become a Pinterest Influencer

You have heard of YouTube Influencer or Instagram Influencer. And YES! Pinterest Influencers are in demand as well in social media marketing.

As a Pinterest Influencer should have lot of activities and followers. A lot of brands need influence to help them promote their products. Need to pin or repin brands picture and get as many eyeballs out there.

What Is The Income Potential?

There are no estimated income potential. It all depends the infuencer numbers of followers and brand owner willing to pay out.

It can be $50 to $500 per pin. Just imagine you as a brand owner. You won’t be paying a few hundred dollars to influencer with just a small amount of followers.

3. Get A Pinterest VA Job

Virtual assistants are in demand these days. There lot of opportunity out there. You can chose to be a part-time or full-time with the flexibility of your own hours.

As a VA you can work at the comforts of your home and Pinterest can be an add on service to your client.

Before you take up contract for businesses or individuals. Make sure you have solid experience and skill with Pinterest platform. Such as managing business account, campaigns, analytics.

What Is The Income Potential?

You make the call as you now run a business. You can chose to have your own website offer this service.

There is lots of freelance and VA marketplace website like Fiverr and UpWork.

There are competitive among the sellers, but you can always give it try.

You can earn somewhere from $20 to $50 an hour, depending on your skill and experience on Pinterest.

Another option you can set up your own website to provide Pinterest VA . (We can help you get started)

If you prefer working with client on a long term basis, you can offer Pinterest management plans for $200 to $300 per client on a monthly basis.

4. Build Your Own Tribe

If you have a business Pinterest account, you can check out your Analytics dashboard and see which pins are most loved, followed, re-pinned, and so on.

There are no better ways to have your tribe (your own followers). Start building a massive follower with related pins of your own passion, niche or business.

For this method, it is good if you have your own website. Which recommend upgrading to a Pinterest business account. Which allow you to track your pins, re-pinned, followers by using the analytics.

The best part, you can do this without any products to sell.

Using displaying ads on your website and Pinterest will be your main source of traffic. That generates income for you. Carly from Mommy on Purpose earns thousands of dollars from this awesome method.

What Is The Income Potential?

The main goal is to use Pinterest for sending traffic to your website or blog which generating income.

You earn money through your affiliate website, online store or display ads blog.

5. Create Pinterest Courses

With the experience and knowledge you gain from learning how making money on Pinterest. You are at a next level, you offer to teach others. You can create courses Pinterest courses.

a) Using the marketplace website to sell your courses. Udemy, Teachable, Thinkfic and Wealthy Affiliate (allow you to create written and video courses)

b) Write your ebook or Amazon (kindle or paperback)

c) Your own website and sell your courses

What Is The Income Potential?

You set a goal on how much you want to sell your course. Using different platform has different charges. Look at other online course, how much they sell theirs. So you can have a better understanding and make your course at a reasonable price.

Having your own website is a better option. You will not be charged for the hidden cost whenever someone enrolls your course or buy your ebook. All earning goes to you.

What other ways to make money on Pinterest?

It does take time and effort to build up in whatever method mention above. There is no short cut or cheat code to make it work overnight.

It is a great way to create passive income and traffic source using Pinterest. Have you heard of others way to make money on Pinterest? Feel to share and comment below.

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