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Download Nugget, Ingot’s Lite Automatic A/B Testing Tool, On IngotHQ Today

We released the automatic A/B tester for WordPress, Ingot, about a month ago. The response we received was overwhelmingly positive. We had a vision of making A/B testing a commonplace tool for all and clearly people shared a desire for that vision with us.

Our team traveled to WordCamp Miami, WordCamp NYC, WordCamp Orlando, and WordCamp US. We demoed Ingot to potential partners as well as our friends. It seemed that your favorite feature was the “set it and forget it” nature of Ingot – Ingot makes implementation decisions for you.

With this came a realization for our team: with the limitations of our subscription packages, we were still not putting A/B testing in the hands of any WordPress user, despite skill level. Last week, we announced the Ingot Lite decision, affectionally (and officially) called Nugget. It is now here!

A/B Testing Using Nugget Now On IngotHQ.com Today

A/B Testing - A/B Test All The Things -- It is simple with Ingot and WordPressNugget is Ingot’s lite version. Using Nugget, WordPress users can A/B test one call to action at the time, for example, a “Buy Now” button, a “Sign Up For My Newsletter” contact form, etc.

Ingot was founded upon our team’s belief that all – and we mean absolutely all – web content should be A/B tested. We see A/B testing as a web content task nearly as essential as spellchecking. This is because in today’s ultra-competitive, global economy, even the smallest entrants need to do everything possible to stand above the noise.

With Nugget, you can get an easy-to-digest tastes of the power of A/B testing. We are aiming for Nugget to be available on WordPress.org next week.

With Ingot, nothing is changing – we are simply adding more. For more advanced A/B testing functionality such as price testing, you can upgrade by purchasing a single add-on for $4.99 per month or $9.99 per year, or by purchasing the full version of Ingot, which includes unlimited tests and all of the add-ons for $99.99 a year or $9.99 per month.

We think that once you explore the initial power of A/B testing, you’ll want to A/B test all the things.

Now Supporting Give

Give for IngotGive is the best donation management system for WordPress. They help non-profits, charities and other important causes raise money using WordPress. Today we are happy to announce that we now have a Give add-on for Ingot to help organizations craft their message and increase donations.

Give for Ingot is included in the premium plan for Ingot, or can be purchased separately from inside of Ingot Nugget.

Cool! What can I do with Nugget?

Before Ingot, I have been a decision maker for a small startup, a small business and a non-profit. Here are some ideas on how those organizations could use Nugget.

  • Nonprofit organizations: Try running a Nugget test on your Donate button. For your A test, run a traditional “Donate” prompt. For your B test, run some form of inspired phrase relating to your mission, i.e., “Be a part of the movement!”. See what your donors respond to more – practicality, or emotion? This kind of information about your audience can be highly valuable to you in the future, too. For example, the results of a long-running Nugget test could guide your decision on whether your fundraising efforts should be formal fundraising events or quirky, out-of-box experiences.
  • Startups: Startups can run a similar Nugget test as nonprofits. Chances are that your startup’s landing page has a contact form, right? Try A/B testing a “Contact Us” call to action versus a more inspiring phrase, for example, “Innovate With Us”. See what resonates best, and let this information about your audience guide your future marketing efforts.
  • Small businesses: Just like a startup, you likely have a contact form, but as you are operating as a company with an established business model, it may be a more concrete conversion, i.e., “Email us for a quote” or “Speak with a sales representative.” Try testing the level of commitment around this language – for example, “Obtain A Quote” vs. “Contact Us For More Information.” See what leads into more conversions, and also explore what level of introductory commitment eventually leads to sales and to repeated business.

But most importantly – have fun! This is your website, your show, and our goal is to help you publish your most effective messaging. Enjoy Nugget!

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