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Ingot is the simplest way to make your WordPress site convert more. Its easy setup allows you to quickly try out multiple options for call to actions, headlines, colors and more. Ingot finds the best ways for your site to gain more sales, sign ups and victory for your business, without any complex or costly third-party services.

Ingot is now free to get started. Download Ingot Nugget today to try it out, when you’re ready upgrade to Ingot Premium or add one of our add-ons.

One Call To Action Test
No Page View Limits
$9.99/month | $99.99/year
Unlimited Call To Action Tests
Unlimited Destination Tests
Unlimited Price Testing (coming soon)
Includes all Nugget and eCommerce Features
No Page View Limits
$4.99/month | $49.99/year
One Call To Action Test
One Destination Tests
Global Price Testing (coming soon)
Choose WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads or Give
Includes all Nugget Features
No Page View Limits

PLEASE NOTE: Ingot requires PHP 5.5 or later and will not load on earlier versions of PHP. If you site is running PHP 5.2-5.4, please contact your hosting provider and ask for an update. Ingot also requires WordPress 4.4 or later.