Human Proof Designs Review

Human Proof Designs was created by Dom Wells with the purpose of helping beginners to get started with affiliate marketing. While some offer training and crash courses in how to build your own website, and make a profit from it, Dom Wells decided to take another and more direct approach. Instead of walking people step by step on how to make it on their own, he decided that with his experience in the field, it would be easier to sell premade websites that were guaranteed to get traffic and earnings from affiliates.

They are one of the industry leaders, and the statistics on the Human Proof Designs website definitely speak volumes about their experience. From SEO articles to aged sites, there are a variety of items you can purchase if you want to get a head start in the affiliate marketing industry. The products are advertised to suit both beginners and experts of multiple websites, because they are not only a way to start a business but also an opportunity to expand already existing ones.

Let’s take a close look at how exactly this concept of done-for-you and aged websites can actually work. There are many factors to consider before making the decision to use such a service. Balancing out features as well as pros and cons, can put things into perspective for both beginners and well-established entrepreneurs.

Aged Sites

A popular but also expensive choice, aged sites are already running successful websites that you can purchase without having to wait for Human Proof Designs to finish them. You get full ownership of the domain, logos and everything else associated with the site. You then have the option of running these aged sites however you see fit, and adding extra content to the content that is already on the site when you buy it. Best of all, aged sites are out the ‘’sandbox’’ which means your content will rank faster.

This could be considered a good way for beginners to get started but there is not much of a learning experience. Perhaps sites such as these are best suited for already competent people looking to start a new venture or add some more passive income to their already fruitful affiliate marketing business.

Done-For-You Sites – Readymade

Another model Human Proof Designs has to offer is the readymade websites. Similar to aged sites but significantly cheaper, you have the option to choose one of the verified niches Human Proof Designs have chosen. You can preview the selection before buying until you find a niche that suits you.

There is quite a lot of SEO optimized content already available so you don’t just get a template with placeholder text attached. While a more affordable option for beginners, these websites can be frustrating as they don’t have the same keyword ranking power as aged sites and not that many backlinks. With the guidance from Human Proof Designs and some inspiration, they are still a good starting point and offer a learning experience.

Custom Niche

Similar to the done-for-you sites, the custom niche service is a very popular choice among people just starting out or those that want specific content. After placing an order with the desired niche in mind, Human Proof Designs will then research the subject, analyze the monetary potential and decide if the project is worth taking further or not.

Sometimes, if the niche you choose to focus on is too competitive or simply not lucrative enough, the team at Human Proof Designs may advise you to take a different route and will help you find one that has the potential to be profitable. As far as content goes, you will receive the same amount of words and keywords for both custom niche orders and readymade sites.

Training and Assistance

Dom has created multiple video lessons to help beginners get acquainted with the affiliate marketing industry from understanding the basics all the way up to monetizing. Some guidance is available for all of their products from keyword packs, to articles, and right through to websites. Readymade sites come with good tips on how to quickly improve your ranking and get more clicks.

Ultimately, Human Proof Designs provides a few creative and SEO optimization services and lessons in affiliate marketing. Assistance is provided in the form of tech support for all sites purchased from them as well as the automatic uploads of articles so that you can spend more time thinking about how to increase your revenue.

Membership Forum: HPD also offers a membership forum where you get the chance to network with Dom, the HPD team, and other internet marketers. This is a great way to learn because there is always someone who will know the answer to your question. A supportive community is always great if you are just starting out.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • The aged sites have good traffic, high rankings and popular niches that are already up and running and just waiting for new ownership
  • Custom niche sites come with a decent amount of starting content and guides on how to add your own later on
  • Keyword packs offer a good glimpse into what people are searching for in your niche
  • Article Packs are always done by professionals with creative and SEO experience
  • The Monthly Articles you order are automatically uploaded and formatted to your website once completed so that’s even less work for you to worry about
  • Having the option of going for either aged sites or readymade, means that you don’t have to spend time building anything from scratch and you don’t need to purchase additional tools to expand your online business
  • You can browse all premade sites on offer every two weeks and see plenty of previews that will help you to make an informed decision
  • Human Proof Designs also creates custom sites, tailor-made to your instructions and they offer guidance if they feel that the direction you want to go in is not profitable
  • Many products that can help either with existing websites or lay the ground work for startups


No business is perfect, so let’s have a look at some of the drawbacks.

  • Getting your website must take slightly longer in some cases but you will find comfort in knowing you are receiving well-written content and an aesthetically designed website.
  • They keyword packs are a bit pricey.
  • Articles are also a bit expensive if you’re on a tight budget but they are still considered cheaper than their competitors.

Are they really industry leading experts?

 Simply put, yes. Human Proof Designs offers amazing quality in terms of website designs with easy to follow templates, quality content that is search engine optimized and good maintenance support for anyone associated with them. They have a diverse portfolio and multiple products available that can meet many clients’ needs and give them a head-start.

The aged websites from Human Proof Designs are already out of the sandbox, meaning that they will react much quicker than a brand new site to any promotional efforts. The only downside is that once ownership has been changed, you will be the one handed the keys to the car and thus will be in the driver’s seat. Fortunately, the team at Human Proof Designs also provides ongoing training, so if you do require assistance, all of the main things you need to do to grow your site is covered.

Regardless of how well and professionally these websites are designed, you will ultimately be the one responsible for their success going forward. While Human Proof Designs does provide the training, the site will not be a passive income stream – at least at the beginning. Some customer report great progress, and even hands-off results, but only after some initial work is done. Once the site is ranking, it can be a very good passive investment.”Thank you Dom for your amazing work, all your training and the wonderful after sales support you have given me to this day. Although I know to build my own WordPress sites, as i own 2,my hectic lifestyle does not permit me to build more, so having this option available form HumanProofDesigns is absolutely wonderful”

Annick”I’ve procured both a custom and a ready made site form Dom at Human Proof Designs , they look and function great! I don’t have any website experience and his expertise in defining a niche and starting me off has been instrumental in me actually have websites versus just thinking about how awesome they would be”

Sean”If you’re serious about an online business, want a professional, excellent quality website and you need a trusted source for training and guidance, HumanProofDesigns is a surefire winner. “

Who can benefit the most from working with Human Proof Designs?

After a careful analysis of how they operate and what they have to offer, it is clear that Human Proof Designs is suited for both beginners and people with previous experience in affiliate marketing. From a novice to a successful manager with a good understanding of the subject or creative SEO writers that are familiar with the chosen niche can reap substantial rewards from the sites done by Human Proof Designs.

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