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Ingot 1.3.1 and Nugget by Ingot 1.0.1 Available Today

Yesterday was a big day for us over at Ingot. Ingot’s Lead Developer, Josh Pollock, announced on his blog a decision that has been in the works for some time now: Ingot, CalderaWP, and JoshPress.net (Josh’s teaching and consulting business) are all becoming one company: Caldera Labs

Becoming part of this wider network means a lot of things for Ingot: more possibilities for growth and more possibilities for add-ons and functionalities being the key few. For Ingot users, it means you can expect more robust support, and an even better product.

With that said, Ingot 1.3.1 and Nugget by Ingot 1.0.1 are available today. The new updates both include some minor bug fixes. Additionally, they include the ability to remove old session tracking data. For more information on that, check out the documentation.

Perhaps most notably, the updates to Ingot and Nugget include the ability to use our new form A/B testing add-ons. In a somewhat meta move to celebrate the establishment of Caldera Labs, we decided to release Ingot for Caldera Forms.

Now, you can use Ingot to A/B test multiple versions of a Caldera Form on your site. It has been an amazing journey to begin to help WordPress users turn their sites into powerhouses for conversion rate optimization by running automatic tests on copy, headlines, buttons, and prices.

With this update, forms can now be used as a powerful tool for understanding your customers better. But this compatibility to take place, you must update your installation of Ingot.

Finally, we fixed some bugs that were caused by activating Ingot when more than one plugin using Freemius was active. We noticed this on our site, and imagined this might be a problem for our users sometime. Given the extreme usefulness of Freemius – we are really, really loving Vova Feldman’s offering for plugin developers – we prioritized erasing any possible bugs.

It’s an exciting week for Ingot – or should I say, for Caldera Labs? The coming months promise to bring you even better support, better updates, and better products. Stay tuned.

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