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Ingot Now Supports Paid Memberships Pro

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To build a membership site with WordPress you need a great tool for getting members signed up, collecting payments and restricting content payment to your members. There are a lot of great plugins for building paid memberships sites.

Once you build the site, you need to convince people to pay to join it. That’s when you need A/B testing to help you refine your message and find the right way to turn site visitors into paying members. Ingot’s call to action tests can be used with any membership site to test the effectiveness of your call to action button that leads to your sign up page.

To build a really effective sales funnel, you need to test each step of the process, from front page the whole way to the moment a new member joins your site. That has to include the pricing page and confirmation page.

Introducing Paid Memberships Pro For Ingot

ingot-pmpro-cardToday we are releasing Ingot version 1.3.0, which includes support for Paid Membership Pro. This integration was developed by Ingot lead developer Josh Pollock and Paid Memberships Pro lead developer Jason Coleman during last weekend’s WordCamp Atlanta.

With this new add-on let’s you test the whole sales funnel on your membership site. It provides Ingot Destination tests that allow you to track conversions when a potential member reaches the levels page, checkout confirmation page or joins your site. This exciting new feature is available only in Ingot Premium.

Get Ingot 1.3.0 Today

Ingot Premium 1.3.0 is available today and also includes a few minor bug fixes. When you download Ingot you get Ingot Nugget, which allows you to create a call to action test. You can upgrade at any time, from right inside the plugin to Ingot Premium, which includes support for Paid Memberships Pro as well as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and Give.


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