Ingot WordPress Plugin

Ingot is the simplest way to make your WordPress site perform better for your business — sell more, get more sign ups, get more out of your online marketing. Easy to use, affordable, and requires no 3rd party services.

A/B testing is a proven technique to increase conversions on your site, but traditionally it has required a lot of traffic, a connection to a costly 3rd-party service and an expert to read the results. Busy WordPress site managers don’t have time for that? Who does? Ingot changes all of that. Ingot takes a few minutes to setup, and then it just works, constantly evolving your site to find the results that convert best.

Don’t worry that you made the wrong choice when you chose your call to action text, site headline, or pricing, let Ingot find the best performing option. Don’t worry about missing out on sales because you didn’t have time to test, use Ingot — the easy, yet surprisingly affordable A/B Testing solution for WordPress.


  • Works with any amount of traffic, our A/B testing algorithm is optimized to work with small sites, and large sites a like.
  • Test call to action button text — A/B, split tests and multi-variant.
  • Test call to action button color — A/B, split tests and multi-variant.
  • Find the best headline to drive sales, using A/B testing with WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. (Upgrade to Premium or purchase an add-on)
  • Find the best pricing structure by split testing pricing with WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads (Upgrade to Premium or purchase an add-on – coming soon).
  • Increase donations, by A/B testing your non-profit’s messaging — works with Give. (Upgrade to Premium or purchase the Give add-on)
  • Requires no third-party API.
  • One price — don’t pay per test
  • Developers can create any type of A/B Test using our simple REST API, and/ or using a destination test that registers conversions using a hook.
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