KWFinder Review

KWFinder is a really fine tool for the keyword research. It has simplified the process of keyword research in a manner that no other tool has been capable of doing in the past.

With the KWFinder, you get a comprehensive data set which even keeps the veteran users of SEO very happy and satiated. Further, the KWFinder reviews online define this as a tool which is capable of presenting the data intuitively.

The interface of the KWFinder is user friendly to keep the tool all noob friendly. With the effectiveness like none, the KWFinder reviews define it as the most sought after tool for the people conducing SEO for their blogs or websites.

Mangools KWFinder Review

When it comes to targeting your user, the first and the foremost thing that you ought to do is finding the right keywords for your website or blog. Now we know that keywords are important but it is an undeniable truth that finding the right keywords is often a very tedious task. It takes time, more so, if you do not make the use of the right tools for your keyword hunt.

To help you with your keyword hunt, we have a great tool for you which is the KWFinder tool by Mangools.

It is an extremely time saving tool, using which you can create a list of both short and long tail keywords for your blog and business. KWFinder is a full-fledged keyword research tool which comes handy and helps you come across the different keyword ideas. It also helps you find the competitive keywords that can help you with better ranking.

Now, in order to be able to do good SEO, it is important to have a good keyword research tool. There is nothing hidden or unknown truth about this fact.

Further, the need of such keyword tools is also accentuated by the Google Keyword Planner since it has started hiding the precise search volume of keywords and made the exact metrics of keywords available only to their active AdWords users. Given this, the “keyword competition” advertised by the Keyword Planner is solely for the advertisers and plays no role for the SEO publishers.

KWFinder is an optimal keyword research tool that returns good keywords with keyword difficulty feature. It also helps you know the competition for the keywords that you are looking out for.

So, the most crucial and an inevitable part of driving organic traffic to your website is doing a proper keyword research. If the keywords opted by you are very competitive, then irrespective of the SEO used by you, you’ll never be able to get a good search ranking. And all of your work will only burn your time and money with no return or output.

KWFinder is that one keyword research tool which really eases down your keyword research and further assists you in finding the long tail keywords with low keywords which are potentially easier to rank.

So, KWFinder helps you find some low competition keywords followed by their exact search volume. In addition to all this, you will get an accurate keyword difficulty score as well as the low competition LSI keywords with the.

Of course, it comes packed with a number of features and filters which are useful for you to find the keywords which won’t ever take time to rank. So, using this fab tool, you can brilliantly bridge the gap between the depth of the data and the ease of use of a tool.

User Interface & Experience

The interface of the KWFinder is absolutely clean and attractive. The several features are further laid out for you to get an enhanced and a rich user experience. Further the tool is very fast and as a result of it, it returns the data way more quickly than the other keyword research tools out there.

How To Find Local Keywords?

KWFinder is a perfect tool that helps you with the location specific keyword research. So, if you want to perform a local SEO, this tool can be greatly helpful because with this one, your local search volume will be displayed.

What is Keyword Difficulty Score?

When you perform a keyword research it is quite important for you to have the competition of the keywords. It is like, whether or not you are able to determine the ranking ability of a given keyword.

So, the KWFinder takes into consideration the factors such as:

  • trust metrics
  • presence of the keyword in the title
  • backlinks according to Majestic
  • presence of the keyword in the URL
  • presence of the keyword in the content
  • domain authority, and
  • number of search results

All of these factors work together jointly to determine the competitiveness of your keyword. These factors and metrics are also incredibly useful when you are planning to get the keywords in your list.

Now, based on our personal use and experience, the difficulty score which is suggested by KWFinder is mostly more accurate when compared to the LongTailPro. In addition to all of it, KWFinder is also extremely user friendly and fast.

Moreover, when it comes to the interface of Long Tail Pro, it seems a bit outdated and archaic. Bottom line is that both of these tools totally depend on the Majestic metrics for keyword analysis but KWFinder is fairly better in all other areas.

Now, if you have a list of keywords with you for which you wish to know the competition, you can make the correct use of the KWFinder and it will help you with what you need. So, all you got to do is employ the use of the keywords import feature of and you are sorted.

How to Find Profitable Long Tail Keywords Using KWFinder?

When you are looking out for the keywords using the KWFinder, you’ll know that with this tool, there are two key ways for you to find the keywords. These include:

  • Search by Keywords – Now, in the Search by Keywords alternative, you will have to enter one keyword and then based on that keyword, the KW Finder will suggest you some related keywords along with the metrics of the provided keyword to your related keyword.
  • Search by Domain: As part of the Search by Domain feature, you can find the keywords by spying on your competitor’s keywords. So, simply provide the domain of your competitor and then KW Finder will provide you with the list of keywords that your competitor is ranking on.

Now let’s further dig deeper into both of these features and study them one by one.

Search By Keywords Feature

When your search is based on keywords, as part of the results, you’ll get an amalgam of different related keywords. Now, again, all of these options are pretty much similar to the options that you’ll get with the AdWords Keyword Explorer.

But what’s really better about the KWFinder is that with it, you’ll get a solid amalgam of the short and the long tail keywords followed by the exact search volume and the competition.

Now, with it, you’ll always see some information tabs which provide the data with the keywords that you ought to know. Let’s now discuss them one by one.

  • Keywords: This will contain the list of the suggested or the related or the question based keywords which are sorted by the relevancy to the keyword that is provided by you.
  • Trend: Under this, you’ll see the trend of the search volume of the keywords over the past one year.
  • Search: Under the search tab, you can find the average search volume of the keyword in the past one year.
  • CPC: In case if you wish to run ads on your blog or website, you will need to check this tab to check the average cost per click.
  • PPC: Using PPC, you can see the competition level of the keywords for your ads.
  • KD: Lastly there is the KD which is the Keyword density. The KD is a metric which will display the keyword SEO difficulty for the keyword and is calculated depending on the link profile strength of URL’s rankings on Ist position.

If you wish to export your keyword list, all you got to do is select all the keywords that you are seeking to use in you SEO campaign and then export them in your CSV file. You can either present this file to your clients or use it to share it with your team.

Others Ways of Keywords Selection

Now, under the Search by Keywords feature, KWFinder provides you with 3 more options of the keywords aggregation. These include:

  • Related keywords: Honestly, this is exactly what is the expectation of the SEO users from every keyword research tool. Just like the Keyword Explorer of the Google AdWords using the related searches you can find the keywords which are somehow related to the keyword provided by you.
  • Auto complete– It is another viable and a very useful option of the Search by Keywords feature. It will pull out the keywords based on the auto suggest algorithm of Google. Auto suggest basically implies the words which usually pop up when you start typing a keyword on Google.
  • Questions– Questions will pull out the queries which start with the question words. These include the question words, such as “how”, “what”, etc.

Using your keywords list, will also give you the list of the competitors URL ranking along with their metrics such as DA, PA, CF, TF, Links etc.

Keyword Search By Domain AKA Spying on Competitors

Next, let’s just discuss the Search by Domain in detail. Now, as is clear from the name, this feature is very helpful when you need to spy over your competitor. Just enter the domain and your KWFinder will help you with all the keywords along with the keywords your competitors are working with.

With KWFinder you will also get the list of the paid and the organic keywords along with their metrics value. So, again with this tool, you can see the website ranking for the keywords along with the metrics as already discussed above.

Features To Further Refine Keyword Suggestions

There is a drop down beside all the keywords that you get with the KWFinder. These drop downs in combination with the results filter and give you a fab degree of control over the results which you get with the KWFinder.

Now, let’s start with the two drop down options. These options will let you opt for:

  • Location: The location is helpful to base the suggestions as well as the search volume depending on the search habits of a country. Now, if you are specifically targeting a country, you would want to make use of the actual search data of that country.
  • Language – Language is useful for you to restrict the results based on a given language.

In addition to these two filters, you can also drill down further by expanding your results filter.

Using this, you can do a variety of things. This will include:

  • Setting the maximum and the minimum for search volume, SEO difficulty, CPC and PPC – This is extremely helpful and will help you exclude all the keywords for which you have the zero chance of ranking for.
  • Exclude or Include specific keywords from your results – This can be used by you to really drill down on the basis of the user’s intent.
  • Provide for the maximum or the minimum number of the words – This is necessary to either ignore or force the long tail keywords.
  • Include or Exclude the keywords which are already in your lists – More lately on this list.

To get the best results, you can combine more than one filter all at once so as to really get the list of your targeted keywords.

Save & Export Lists of Keywords for Safekeeping

Now, let’s just assume that you have some juicy keywords which you are deeply interested in. Now, how will you save these keywords for later?

With, KWFinder there are two different ways of doing this. Let’s understand them one by one.

  • Lists – Under lists, all your keywords are saved as lists in your account. So, this list can be accessed by you no matter where you are. So, with the lists, you can get updated information, as and when needed.
  • Export– With the export alternative, you can save your CSV export of your selected keywords so that you can use it later in time.

This is extremely helpful since most of the times; the purpose of doing a keyword research is to shape a reliable and a full-proof future strategy. In case you cannot access these keywords again when needed, you are going to have to duplicate your work. No? This doesn’t really seem like fun!

On a personal level, I am a fan of using Lists since for this you don’t need to bother and keep a track of a bunch of different CSV files. Since with this, whatever you need, will always be right there in your account.

What You Get In Mangools Suite?

The KWFinder tool is a keyword tool that is designed and developed by Mangools. Pretty evident that the mind behind Mangools definitely has put in an additional effort to keep into consideration the requirement of the users.

To achieve all this, the Mangools presents you with 5 tools in the suite which are required to complete the working of the SEO of your website.

They include:

  • KWFinder – Useful for researching keywords.
  • SERPChecker – Helpful for analysing the search results in detail to know your competition.
  • SERPWatcher– Helpful to track how the rankings are performing over the passage of time.
  • SiteProfiler – Useful to get a complete overview of the key statistics of your website to understand its performance. You can also check the stats for your competitor’s website.
  • LinkMiner – Useful to help you analyse the backlinks pointing to your site as well as the site of others.

The comprehensive suite is incredibly helpful for the digital marketers to complete their journey of working on the organic growth of your website. Now, right from locating the targeted keywords to digging out some backlink opportunities, and from analysing competitor’s website profile to tracking your own ranking, everything can be done with this suite.

Given all the above listed tools and features, with this suite you have all you need for a perfect SEO.

Mangools SERP Checker Review

The Mangools SERP Checkeris an important part of the suits. It rightly complements KWFinder. In addition to it all, SERP Checkerit is a comprehensive view of the search results in the bottom right corner of the main KWFinder window.

However, the SERP Checker definitely showcases more functionality and data. With the SERP Checkeryou can drill further deep into the current search results for your keywords to be able to analyse what really is needed for you to best overshadow your competition.

In addition to all this, SERP Checker is just the most ideal tool when you are really determined to rank right at the top for a specific keyword, especially when you are already on the top pages of Google but just wish to keep growth further and further.

Now, as the case mostly seen with all the Mangools products, you’ll always see the useful tool tip question mark icons everywhere. Using these icons, you can instantly find out what a particular thing means just in case you are unable to understand it from a quick cursor hover.

If more information is needed, you can check out the online SERP Checker documentation. If nothing helps, you can speak to the customer representatives by making use of the online chat support.

The found integration between the Mangools tools is incredibly robust. Now, if you wish to dig more data on the search results in KWFinder, there’s a link straight to SERP Checker, and the same from SEPR Watcher. 

The user experience is totally top notch, over here. With this, you’ll not just experience the ease of access and usage but it is also extremely helpful with the tools.

It will give you the requisite information on learning how the tools fit together and how you can make the most of it for achieving the best possible results.

Mangools Link Miner Review

Unfortunately, not any of us know how the Google’s algorithm exactly orders the search results. However, it is believed that the number of sites which are linked to your site is an important factor in determining the performance of your site. So this is all the LinkMiner component of the Mangools suite is all about.

Just imagine how interesting it would be to see who’s linking to your site. Well, there may even be cases, when you’ll have blogs and posts linking to your individual articles.

In addition to know about your site linking, you can also know about who is linking with your competitor’s site. Based on this information, you can create or if need be steal one of those links which have produced a rather similar or maybe even a better content.

Now, with the tools which look at links, the most quintessential thing is how accurate and thorough these are. There is no tool out there, which is capable enough to manage or pick up all the links out there.

However, when I tried looking at some of my own content, I was massively impressed. I could see most of the links that I was expecting; including some which I was aware had been added only recently.

I believe that KWFinder makes use of the Moz database for this purpose. However, let me also point out one big con of Ahrefs which happens to be a far more expensive product is that it often fails to pick up the new links for a while. This indeed is a massive tick for the Mangools LinkMiner.

Bottom line, it is true that LinkMiner isn’t perfect. I don’t feel that it is really easy to work with it when the links are added. Further, it has a lot more in depth information here than it can be found elsewhere however it does feel like one less intuitive areas of the Mangools suite.

Mangools SERP Watcher Review

Next in the list, we have SEPR Watcher. SEPR Watcher is a tool which is extremely helpful for you to keep a track of your search rankings for the keywords which really matter for you and the success of your website or blog.

Every known and little less known tool of SEO has this kind of feature. So just like the KWFinder and the rest of the suite, SERP Watcher also is capable to do it all simply and cleanly. The user interface of the SERP Watcher is extremely user friendly and this makes it easy to know what is going on.

After you have properly populated the list with the initial keywords that you are interested in, it is much easier for you to handle everything since there’s not much hassle involved thereafter. Now, you can add the two or three new keywords every time you publish a new article.

Now, it becomes really invaluable to know how well you have tracking over time. This is particularly very useful when the things go downhill and you experience a sudden drop in your traffic. So, to deal with this SERP Watcher can quickly alert you as to which keyword is deteriorating your keyword ranking.

Based on this, you’ll know what and how to work on. Further, there are also email results which you can configure so as to timely receive an overview of the performance of your website in your inbox.

SERP Watcher is a comprehensive value addition to all these set of tools especially if you desire to keep the list of your keywords up to date.

It did take me some time to realize the full important of this but be assured this is a one tool you shouldn’t ignore. It comes with an ability to track 200 keywords at once even with its “Basic” package. Though, this number isn’t massive but it is decently big enough for a website which is probably a small or a medium one.

Mangools Site Profiler Review

Lastly, we have the final part of the Mangools suite which is the Site Profiler. This is inarguably the most light weight tool. However, the tool does give you an important birds-eye view of any site that you wish to know more about. This could either be in relation to your own site or the site you are hoping to compete with. Just pop in the URL, of your or your competitor’s site and see.

So, with the Site Profiler, you can see a list of things. These include:

  • A list of metrics like the Alexa rank, Domain Authority, and “Trust Flow.”
  • Useful and viable information relating to the backlinks which point to your website.
  • The most popular content of your website by the metric of social shares as well as the incoming links.
  • Information on the website of your competitors.
  • Data relating to the demographics of the people who visit your website.

Now, though this module does provide you some interesting information, it is also the weakest part of the Mangools package. Why do we say so? The reason for this is that the Site Profiler isn’t fully populated. It basically gives you an overview and not a comprehensive set of data for you to act on. Further, in my personal opinion, I am not really impressed with the accuracy of the demographic information based on the past results that I have seen for myself.

However, despite all this, the Site Profiler is not a bad tool for comparing the metrics of your site with a competing website or for seeing how your website is developing with the passage of time.

Now, with all this, you also get a Google Chrome extension. This extension is helpful and it allows you to quickly pull out all the requisite information on the website that you are browsing. And this data is incredibly useful for both the outreach as well as the competitor research.

KWFinder Pros & Cons

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using KWFinder:


  1. The interface of KWFinder is insanely beautiful. In my opinion it is the best designed keyword finder from all the available keyword research tools
  2. With the KWFinder, you get 3 distinct ways to research your keywords.
  3. With KWFinder, you can easily get all the essential information such as trends as well as the search volume.
  4. The KWFinder, has a really quick and hassle free representation of the keyword difficulty score which is very easy to comprehend.
  5. In comparison to the other keyword research tools, KWFinder is very affordable.


This tool is not the 100% replacement of the tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs. This is because, with the KW Finder, you cannot do a competition research.

KWFinder Review Verdict

On the usability and the effectiveness of KWFinder, one just cannot doubt. It is by far the best keyword research tool available in market today. Do sign up now and try out the free account of the KWFinder. Be assured that with KWFinder, the keyword research will be very easy and you’ll be surprised by the degree of power this tool holds and the help that it offers in helping you achieve a better ranking with Google.

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