SkillShare Review PROS & CONS

Many online Skillshare reviews refer to Skillshare as a leading online learning platform. It focuses on 4 primary subject categories which are further sub-divided into 35 sub-categories in which the knowledge is imparted by way of thousands of video lessons available on their site.

Started with a goal of making the knowledge available for everyone who wishes to learn, it fuels learning at a global scale. Unlike the other online learning platforms, Skillshare rather has interactive projects which are shared with your co-learners.

You can take classes on popular topics such as design, marketing, freelancing, and more.


Are you on a lookout for a reliable and a leading online platform that can accentuate your skills? If yes, Skillshare is a great alternative for you. It is a leading online portal with over 29000 classes spread across 4 primary categories:

  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Creative
  • Technology

However, these primary categories are divided into 35 sub categories. It is the span or the duration of the skill courses which actually makes Skillshare an extremely helpful platform to cater to your skill enhancement.

Goal of Skillshare

The key goal of Skillshare is to ensure that knowledge is available to anyone who wishes to learn. They have more than a few thousand courses available all established to help achieve the same goal.

Now, of course, if you are reading the SkillShare review here, you’d want to buy the premium plan of Skillshare. However, we’d recommend that before you invest in the premium plan, you should try out Skillshare for a month for free.

What is special about SkillShare?

In the year 2010, Skillshare was launched by two people who had one simple thought i.e. to share the knowledge among everyone who wishes to learn. In the initial stages post development, all the courses were designed in house. However, now they have experts from around the world helping them achieve this goal.

Features of SkillShare

Let us take a look at some of the most important and relevant features of Skillshare:

  • 29000 Courses
  • 34 categories
  • Video based lectures
  • Transcription of video is available.
  • Self-Paced course learning
  • Taught by industry experts
  • Workbooks available to practice
  • Non Traditional Schooling

SkillShare Courses

In order to be able to access Skillshare, you will have to create an account with them. So, here you’ll have to make a choice of either opting for a paid subscription or just accessing the free courses available.

Now, if you want to go for the premium account, the good news is that for the premium members who opt to pay an advance of 1 year subscription, the subscription is 50% cheaper.

However, if you only want to try the platform for a month, you can also check out their monthly plans and extend or stop post the first month.

When your account is ready, you can go ahead and browse the classes. You can also check out the different workshops and the projects available.

After you have found the class that you are interested in, you will see the series of video lectures available for you, followed by a brief about section, and then tabs to allow interaction.

There’s a Community tab that will display to you, who all are with you in this class. In the Your Project tab, you can see the instructions for the work that you have to conduct based on the lessons taught in the videos.

There is also a tab of All Projects, where you can check out the work done by the other students of the class. Mostly, the classes on this site are small with somewhere around 2 hour of lesson training.

However, the amount that you may need to complete the assigned project will vary based on your understanding and grasping power of the project.

Sadly, there isn’t any recognition or certificate available for the completion of the course. So, there is also no time limit under which you have to complete the assigned project.

Can I Try SkillShare Free?

The fair and simple answer is Yes. Now, let’s find out how this is possible. Skillshare offers the new users a free one month trial. In this one month, you will have unlimited access to Skillshare’s course catalog of over 29,000 classes.

If you think this material and the lessons, can prove to be helpful for you, then you can apply for a premium version of Skillshare after one month. For this, you will have to pay an amount of $15 if you go for the monthly subscription.

However, to save some money, you can opt for an annual subscription that can be availed at just $99. Since, you aren’t bound by a contract, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

How Is Skillshare Different From Competition?

Skillshare sets itself apart from its competitors in three primary ways:

  • Skillshare charges a significantly low fee per month for unlimited access to the online learning platform.
  • It provides offline learning for users on the go.
  • It gives a 30 day free trial, also with unlimited access.

When you sign up for a premium membership, you’ll receive an array of benefits. These include:

  • Unlimited access to over 29,000 classes
  • Ability to download classes within the app for you to watch later
  • No ads
  • Support Teachers
  • Scholarships
  • Annual premium membership available at only ($99/year)

Additional Feature: Learn with Team

There is an additional feature present in SkillShare which is known as Team Plans. Companies and the Corporate learners can buy the subscription for its employees at a very good discount.

However, the price after discount that will be charged might depend on a variety of factors such as the number of members that will be a part of the team, and can be known by contacting the sales team of SkillShare.

Features of Team Plans

  • There are more than 16,000 classes across thousands of different categories and sub categories.
  • Usage of reporting helps you keep a track on the progress of your team members.
  • There is an Admin Mode which helps you to easily swap out seats as your team changes.
  • You get to learn from some of the most engaging teachers with years of experience in their field.
  • Additional benefit of offline access on our mobile app which lets your team learn on the go.

SkillShare Pros & Cons

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using SkillShare:


  1. There is a massive database of the courses.
  2. A variety of categories are covered.
  3. You can find the offline study material for studying on the go.
  4. There’s no pressure or rush. You can Study at on your pace.
  5. A Free trial is available.
  6. Several Interactive courses are available.
  7. Comprehensive practice work sheet is available to test your skills.
  8. You can compare your performance with other co learners.


  1. There is absolutely no process to verify the authenticity of the experts.
  2. You lose the access to the course after you cancel the subscription.
  3. There is no course completion certificate available.

SkillShare Review in a Nutshell

Given the price and the features of SkillShare, it is definitely a great platform for anyone who wishes to learn a new skill or update their existing skills. The price is nominal which also assures a vast reach of the SkillShare. Moreover, since a free trial of SkillShare is available, you can get your hands on it before actually making your purchase.

All the modules come with comprehensive online videos lecture. Thus, there isn’t any inflexibility for you to complete the course in a stipulated time. After you have subscribed for the course, you can access your course videos anytime anywhere. The videos can be watched on both laptops/PCs and mobile phones/tablets. The availability of highly interactive classes make it a fun experience while learning a new skill.

However, before you start a course, do ensure that you check the credibility of the expert. The reason why we say this is because SkillShare allows everyone to create the course and make it available for users. Thus, a little alertness is required.

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