WhiteSmoke Review

WhiteSmoke is a one of a kind writing and editing tool that helps you do away with the spelling, grammar, punctuation and the style errors with just a click of the button. It is easy and effortless and can be used with just a simple click of the button.

Designed for use by both native and non-native English language speakers and writers, this tool is believed to be the number one by most WhiteSmoke Reviews and is seen as the true replacement for a perfect grammar rich writing piece. A lot of WhiteSmoke Reviews also see this as a means to connect globally given the fine translation skills of this tool.

WhiteSmoke Review

Are you facing a problem with writing in English? Do you think you need a help to write transcriptions, emails or any content without any errors or grammars. So, to help you with this, WhiteSmoke is the perfect platform. It is the one stop solution for:

  • Style Checking
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation, and
  • Spelling

So, basically, WhiteSmoke is an English grammar software suite which keeps a check on the common mistakes that are made by the non-native as well as the native speakers of the English language.

You know, how embarrassing it might be to send out a piece that is grammatically incorrect? It will bring to the notice of your client that you are not very fluent in the language. Moreover, if you aren’t very familiar with the rules, you are bound to make grammatical errors. We all know, that English is possibly the hardest language in the world so it is no surprise that the demand for this product is massive and a lot of people have tried WhiteSmoke with a hope of writing better business documents and emails.

What is WhiteSmoke? How it works?

WhiteSmoke is an incredibly easy to use and a very powerful grammar check and English writing solution that checks the readability, spelling and the grammar of your written material. Though, it is mostly similar in working to Microsoft (MS) Office grammar and spelling checker but it is a rather more intelligent and advanced version of it. So, with WhiteSmoke, whatever you type in, in emails, MS word or even the web forms, is automatically checked. It further is helpful in composing all types of written work be it the short stories, essays or the articles and then it immediately eliminates or reduces the grammatical errors from it.

WhiteSmoke is mostly compatible with all the common applications such as the MS Word, MS Outlook, chat programs and even those chat based applications on the internet.


Nobody wishes to make grammatical errors. Right? The very impact that you want your writing to leave on the readers is remarkably reduced if your compiled text is filled with grammar errors. The grammar errors not just distract the reader but they also take away the focus from your primary message, the very message for which you are writing or the very message you want to convey with your writing. Moreover, when the writing is filled with grammar errors, for any grammar sound person, the style and the flow of the text would be badly interrupted. You know what the truth is? Irrespective of how good you are in your English or how long you have been writing, the grammar mistakes, happen, for us all. It is one fact of life, that we should accept and even forgive ourselves for sometimes. Sometimes, even the most practiced grammar Nazis can make an occasional error if they do not properly proof read the writing piece and that is when the role of WhiteSmoke comes in play.

The grammar checker of the WhiteSmoke works as your second set of eyes. It ensures that the document written by you is as error free and as pristine as it should be. It saves you from all the embarrassing mistakes, you could have made.

WhiteSmoke makes use of the advanced checking algorithm which will detect and further offer the suggestions for more grammatical error than would have been done by any other grammar based software in the market. As a result of this tool, you can accentuate your natural writing into a professional, clear and a crisp piece of work. So, when you use this tool, the meaning of the text and your personal style will never be lost because of the errors in the piece.

Some of you might be a bunch of those really confident grammar Nazis, who have full faith in their grammar and don’t think, they need an editing tool to pick up some odd errors here and there. It is important for you to know and understand that we all make mistakes. The real improvement lies in understanding the mistake and then being able to learn from it. So, whatever grammar error is picked by WhiteSmoke comes with an easy to comprehend explanation that tells you about the rule behind this error. In addition, you’ll also get suggestions from the WhiteSmoke to correct your errors.

Thus, by using WhiteSmoke Writer’s Grammar Checker and Sentence Checker, you can write more confidently. This tool checks your grammar in the following areas:

Incomplete SentencesDouble NegativesCapitalizationSentence Fragments
FragmentsTense ShiftsDangling ModifiersComma Splices
Run-On SentencesMechanical MistakesSentence UnitsMissing Words
Subject-Verb DisagreementsIncorrect PunctuationObject ClausesFused Sentences

A good grammar, perfect spelling, superb sentence structure, and a flawless punctuation, all work together, if you need to be a professional writer or an academic. With all of this necessary, it sure isn’t easy to write an error proof piece. So, an excellent grammar checker like WhiteSmoke, comes in use here.

You can use this tool to edit and check your text so that it has a better flow and is elevated to a whole new level. With this tool having your back, your thoughts will be better translated into words and your words will be better understood and enjoyed by the readers. So, now, it no more matters, whether or not you are a student or professor, native or non-native English speaker, blogger or a published author, if you use WhiteSmoke to check and edit your text, your writing will always be flawless.

Spell Checker

Have you ever sent out an email or a business catalogue and then minutes after you send it, you go back to read that piece and realize it has spelling errors? Wow, now that’s a huge mistake to make! Do you ever think or ponder on what would be the possible impact of your spelling mistakes on the reader?

The matter of the fact is, not all of us are bad with spellings but the problem is we all write in a hurry and when we do type in rush, making spelling errors is inevitable. So, that’s where the role of WhiteSmoke Writer comes in play. What is WhiteSmoke Writer? Let’s find out!

The WhiteSmoke Writer is a program that is designed to check your spelling both online and offline. In the current scenario, it is the most powerful tool for spelling. A quick run through by the WhiteSmoke Writer to check all the spellings can actually be a saving grace for you, when you send out any business or professional mail.

With the WhiteSmoke Writer, you can check spellings everywhere. So, wherever you are writing, the WhiteSmoke Writer will work and check the spellings. Be it on MS Word, web mail, Facebook, MySpace, or any other platform that has a text area, this tool will work and check your spelling and writing. So, now the question is why should you use this WhiteSmoke Writer over others? Let’s find out below.

  • Proofread to Perfection – The WhiteSmoke Writer tool even detects the correctly spelled words that may be used in the wrong context. Remember the confusion, you are having since your school days about the usage of their and there, whether and weather, week and weak? Yes, that’s what this writer tool will help you in eliminating. So, with this unique feature of the WhiteSmoke Writer, proofreading is almost full proof.
  • Accentuate your spellings in just seconds – Just press on the WhiteSmoke Key and in just a matter of few seconds, the Writer comes back with all the possible suggestions on your text. The community generated spelling database of the WhiteSmoke writer, helps you to stay up to date with the language since English changes dramatically over time. So, to ensure that you are using the right spellings, which are commonly accepted and recognized, WhiteSmoke, should be used.

Punctuation Checker

Next comes the Punctuation Checker tool of the WhiteSmoke. It helps you improve the clarity of your written piece by the correct usage of punctuation. Do you often wonder, if in the sentence, you should use a colon or a semi colon, a hyphen, a dash or em-dash? If yes, then you are not alone! In fact, you are with the majority. A lot of us, can speak English very fluently but yet we do not know the details of punctuations. Luckily for you, WhiteSmoke has come up with a state-of-the-art punctuation checker. It will help you make the correct use of punctuation and eliminate the errors in your writing.

The WhiteSmoke Writer presents to you a vast variety of operations. It will identify and help you correct all the missing punctuations in your piece. It could be a missing period, an absent quotation mark, and other obvious punctuation errors that you might miss out on while writing quickly. In addition to these obvious errors, the WhiteSmoke Writer will also help you in eliminating the less obvious mistakes of punctuation. What could that be? There are times, when you might use a colon, where the sentence required a dash or an apostrophe. A simple miss or a wrong placement of the punctuation can make or break the meaning of your sentence. So, when you use this tool all of these errors would be corrected. As a result of this, you’ll notice that with time, your own usage of punctuation has become better.

So, with the integrated punctuation checker of the WhiteSmoke, you can see your punctuation errors, and then correct them using the possible solutions offered by the tool. It will also present to you some possible solutions and even writing tips that you might need to avoid these punctuation errors in the future. So, think of these tools as your own personal tutor, and you’ll notice, that in the end result, all you’ll see is a flawless and a perfectly punctuated writing as a result of the one-on-one English punctuation lessons!

Homes, universities and offices, across the globe, benefit by using the WhiteSmoke Writer to improve their punctuation and grammar as well as for a proper text editing. The distinguished and the renowned developers of WhiteSmoke know that they have to address the various shortcomings relating to the punctuation checkers. With that in mind, they came up with the WhiteSmoke Writer’s punctuation checker which has been designed with a variety of advanced features. It is capable of analysing all the sentences efficiently for the structural errors including the incorrect or the missed punctuation marks.

This software will compare the text written by you with a vast database of sentences, mistakes and words and then employ the use of an artificial intelligence algorithm in order to determine the correct writing pattern. So, this program assists both the professional and the novice writers to write impeccable documents without spending a lot of time worrying about re-writing the sentences or editing punctuation. It also teaches the writers, a thing or two about how the English language mechanics works so that with time you make lesser punctuation or grammatical errors.

How Does WhiteSmoke Translator Work?

WhiteSmoke Translator is built using the Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) technology. This means that the WhiteSmoke computers work with the top linguistic experts to analyze the various

professionally translated texts and then compare these translations with the highest probability of it being true to the source and this is why it is called statistical.

The WhiteSmoke Translator and the WhiteSmoke linguists jointly work together to improve the tool every day in order to ensure that the user is getting the best and most advanced technology available today.

Features of the WhiteSmoke Translator

The translator of the WhiteSmoke has the following features:

  • Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Full-text and word-to-word translation to and from 55 languages.
  • Usage examples for every translated word, displaying how it is used in a sentence.
  • Works alongside any text application.

The WhiteSmoke Translator comes equipped with a plethora of applications which can be used by both professionals and academics from every field or specialty. As of today, the WhiteSmoke Translator has found its use amongst the adults in the workplace or home, children in schools, professional translators, individuals who are learning a second language and corporate professionals. Using the WhiteSmoke Translator, the understanding of the language improves and it opens up doors to the new languages and the new worlds, thereby promoting communication everywhere.

Where Can I Use WhiteSmoke Translator?

Here are some places, where you can commonly use the WhiteSmoke Translator:

  1. Social Networks
    The most incredible thing about social network is that they are used globally. So, with the WhiteSmoke Translator, you can now connect with the people from different countries around the world by communicating with them in different languages!
  1. International Business 
    Using the WhiteSmoke Translator, you can now grow and expand your business to global markets. This tool, helps in translating the contracts, blogs, websites, etc, and thereby helps you go global.
  1. Blogs
    Using the WhiteSmoke Translator, you can now better translate your blogs and add to it a newer and a fresh feel to appeal to the larger and a newer audience. This can be done by ensuring that your content is now displayed in multiple languages.
  1. Professional Translation Services
    Are you a professional translator? If yes, then you can make use of the WhiteSmoke Translator to lighten the load. It automates some of the initial draft translations and as a result of this, you’ll have more time to focus on the intricate details.
  1. School and Academic Research
    Using the WhiteSmoke Translator, you can access more content from the foreign language publications and add it to the reference sources for your research.

Style Checker

Using the WhiteSmoke, you can now learn how to Write…in Style! When we talk about writing properly, one of the most difficult things to define or achieve is writing in style. Of course, it has something to do with grammar, and yes punctuation is also an important element of it and yes the proper construction of your sentences is also an important part of writing in style. Yet, when we actually have to write in style, it is a lot more than these three things. In short, when we refer to writing in style, it mainly refers to ensuring that your text has a good flow and sounds great. How do you check that? Just read out your written piece aloud and if you notice that something is not right in it, despite the grammar and the spellings being 100% correct, then that’s when the style element of your document needs to be worked on.

Here are two examples of common stylistic errors:

  1. Monotony Errors – Monotony is going to make your piece of writing boring and bland. But what really is monotony is writing? Monotony basically means that all of your sentences have the same length, they give off the same tempo, and a lot of the sentences do not flow in the right manner. In order to avoid this, you must write sentences of varying lengths and structures. This will give a more melodic tone to your writing.
  1. Switching Tenses Errors – Now, if there is an event of the past, it should be conveyed using the past tense, and likewise. Further, if you are starting your sentence, in the present tense, then till the end of your writing piece where you put the final period, your piece should stay in the present tense. If you happen to switch from the present tense to the past or the future, you are likely to confuse your reader. Thus, to help you avoid these errors, the WhiteSmoke’s writing style checker has been designed.

The WhiteSmoke’s writing style checker will help you identify all the errors relating to the style in your writing. It makes use of the computer algorithms that match your writing and compile it with the thousands of writing samples in its database, to quickly and effortlessly, pick the mistakes in your writing. Once it has picked all the errors, it will provide you useful suggestions to correct these mistakes.

The style checking program of the WhiteSmoke is primarily popular with the people who are learning English as their second language or the people who are translating the documents from their native language to English. Such people may be working hard to improve their fluency in English but being able to learn the right skill is sometimes very difficult. Students might often learn and mug up the rules of grammar, but when it comes to writing, they fail to put to use, what would work best. This is exactly where the role of the WhiteSmoke’s online style checker will step in. Using the program of the WhiteSmoke, the students of the English language can now ensure that their work is not just technically accurate, but it also flows well to avoid all style of style errors.

Now, the style checker is not just for use for the non-native English speakers rather it is also a popular tool used now a days in universities, law firms, and other business offices as well. So, be assured that anyone who is making a use of this tool is bound to benefit given its ease of use and the effectiveness. At just a click of the button, your entire document will be scanned for all types of stylistic errors and these errors will then corrected, leaving you with a flawless piece of writing for your submission. Using the style checker you can now draft a term paper, legal contract, business proposal, letter of recommendation, or a simply friendly email to your mom, without any style error.

Reasons why you should use WhiteSmoke

These are the main reasons why one should use WhiteSmoke:

  1. Helps you do away with the errors in a jiffy –With WhiteSmoke you get the top quality proof reading abilities that you might not find elsewhere. So, this tool, will help you in not just correcting the simple spell errors just like your MS word but it will also help you eliminate the grammar errors, punctuation errors and the style errors, all in a jiffy.
  2. Best English Writing Tool in the market – The software and the technology of the WhiteSmoke have been reviewed time and again for its linguistic capabilities and overall benefits by all the top educational firms from around the world. Based on their ratings and reviews, it is regarded as the number one solution for English grammar, style, spelling and punctuation corrections in the market.
  3. Innovating Technology – The new and improved business solutions of the WhiteSmoke  help you to serve and work together with the largest corporations. Using this tool, you can offer custom, tailor-made applications that are designed keeping in view the specific needs of the person. It also helps you accentuate the quality of your daily business transactions and all English correspondence.
  4. Tailored for your academic needs – This software is used by professional writers, bloggers, students, English learners, executives and governmental employees. Irrespective of what you want to write, this tool ensures that the job that is done is error free. So, using this tool you can take you writing to a whole new level.
  5. Natural Language Processing technology – The products of the WhiteSmoke are based on the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. This means that it is equipped with a patented artificial intelligence and unique algorithms that help in fine text analysis. Using the technologies of the Whitesmoke you can sure elevate the level of you writing.

Cost, Plans, & Payment Options

WhiteSmoke is an incredibly budget friendly system which is priced much below Grammarly on almost all its plans. However, it has three different pricing plans for you to choose from with 2 distinct commitment periods.

For the essential plans, the annual plans start at $6.99 per. If you go with the premium plan, you’ll have to pay $9.99 per month. Further, the business users pay a whopping $17.95 per month.

The essential plan of the WhiteSmoke is responsive on all the browsers and it comes with plagiarism checker, grammar checker and translator only. On the other hand, the premium plans come with the desktop client, all browsers, Microsoft Office, and Gmail compatibility. The features of this plan include the plagiarism checker, grammar checker, translators, one-click instant proofreading, and it integrates with every type of writing platform.

Lastly, the business plan of the WhiteSmoke includes everything that is found in the premium plans. In addition to it, you also get an extended download warranty, phone customer support and a three computer license.

If you go for the three year commitment, you’ll get heavy discounts on the prices with essential plans at $4.44 per month, premium at $8.29, and business coming in at $12.42.

On the whole, for both the premium and the essential plans, the pricing is pretty decent however when it comes to the business plans, the pricing is slightly on the higher side given the fact that it offers only three connections.

For the payment of the WhiteSmoke plans, users can either pay with a credit card or by using PayPal.

WhiteSmoke Pros and Cons


  1. 17+ billion Words database
  2. Easy to use
  3. Unlimited devices
  4. 55 languages supported
  5. $6.59/ month (good value)


  1. 10k character limit per review
  2. 24+ hour support response

WhiteSmoke Review Verdict

Undoubtedly, WhiteSmoke is providing the writers with the best technology, in the present scenario. It comes with quality support, variety of promotions, text checking technology (NLP), 1-click operation, great user testimonials, 30 days satisfaction guarantee and full compatibility to any text editor. All of this and more makes WhiteSmoke a perfectly attractive option for beginners, business people, students, or even professional writers.

WhiteSmoke is a must to have tool for Translators, Writers, Bloggers, Business providing  Customer Support.

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