WordAI Review

WordAi is an article spinner which is capable of understanding the texts just like a human would. This tool is a great replacement for a professional writer as it is capable of completely rewriting the sentence while maintaining its readability and uniqueness.

According to the different WordAi reviews, this is superior to the other spinners as it fully understands what each word in the content means. So, it won’t just view the sentences as a list of words rather it will view them as a real thing that interacts with one another.

WordAi claims it has a human like understanding which helps you to automatically rewrite the sentences from the scratch. Given the high level rewriting ability of WordAi , be assured that your content will never be charged under plagiarism by Copyscape or Google and yet would be as readable as it should be or would be if written by a professional writer.

WordAI Review

Are you someone who’s a blogger and handling a single website or maybe someone handling multiple websites or just running a website but wanting to manage and run it at a fairly lower cost? If the answer is yes, we have found a way to help you achieve that! The answer to all your concerns lies with WordAI. Now what is WordAI?

WordAI is believed to be one of the most helpful tools for content writing. We all know, content writing for one, takes a lot of time and two, is not something all of us can do.

The thing becomes even more difficult to achieve when you have several sites to cater to. So, WordAI is your basic tool that offers great content writing help.

It is equipped with an array of features that come handy when you wish to get your content live and ready. Of course hiring a writer or getting the writing task outsourced is a great idea but let’s just face it, it can get a tad bit costly and you might not always have the money for something like this. That’s when WordAI comes in use.

Here, in this WordAI review, we’ll present to you all the features and a complete working activity of this tool. So, if you need help with writing your content or if you want to spin the content of a portal to create a unique content for your portal, keep reading.

How To Use?

The WordAI is an online tool used for content spinning. Using WordAI you can come up with unique content for your website or blog irrespective of the theme or niche of the blog.

Given its unique capability of generating content based on provided input, it may be called as an Artificial Intelligence Content Writer or Auto Spinner. More so to be handy and useful for users spread across the globe WordAI tool is available in multiple languages such as English, French, Italian, and Spanish!

Going by what’s stated on the official page of WordAI, it is the tool that is capable enough to examine the difference between the words and yet ensure that every synonym that it picks up makes some sense in the whole sentence.

This tool WordAI, is capable enough to not just understand what every word means but also understand how one word interacts with the other word.

Thus, every time you add content on WordAI for spinning, it will first understand the inputted content and then create an output of unique content which would seem to you as if written by real human writer. This content created using the WordAI is competent enough for comparison to any professional writer’s content.

WordAI Features

Now, if you have already used some content spinning software to create an SEO friendly content, you know the perks that it comes with. So, how is WordAI different from the other software?

WordAI has a number of tricks and features which many other article spinners don’t have. Now what are these features? Let’s study them one by one in short detail:

  • WordAI software knows and understands that every word is capable of having several meanings. We all know, a word in English language can have many meanings and pronunciation depending upon the context for which it was created and the context for which it is used. So, this software recognizes this context and then goes on to create a final result.
  • WordAI software will automatically rewrite your entire sentences and paragraphs. Of course, that’s what other content spinners do too. So, how is it unique to WordAI? You know it that almost all the content spinners used by you, do spin the content but the end result is not as appealing as it should have been. But such is not a case with WordAI. WordAI goes an extra mile and tries to understand the context of the content by grasping through not only the words listed in the sentence but by understanding the pretext of the entire sentence and its connection to the subsequent sentences in that paragraph.
  • WordAI not just understands the words in your content but rather the interaction of the words with other words in your content.
  • WordAI is capable enough to understand the concept and ideas. Now, if you have ever used WordAI in the past for spinning the content, you already know that it does take some time to produce an output. This time is taken primarily because before the WordAI software begins with the spinning task, it will read through the entire content in order to understand it in both general and specific ways. Possibly, this is the reason how it is capable to come up with fairly better sentence structures and paragraph spins than the other tools. So, with WordAI you can always create more unique versions of your content that are easier for you to use on your blog or website.
  • Lastly, the WordAI tool is capable enough to write titles for your content. When WordAI reads through your content, it gets capable to generate some high quality titles for your content by knowing and understanding the real purpose and meaning of your article.

Types of Spinners at WordAI

Ever content has its own unique value so WordAI too provides you with two types of spinners to create a unique content. Both these spinners have their own unique setting which is helpful for the users to curate the content as desired and required by the creator.
The two spinners are:

  • The Standard Spinner
  • The Turing Spinner

Now, let’s study these two spinners in detail and understand which of the two is perfect for which purpose.

The Standard Spinner

In the Standard Spinner, you have a box for the text input. This is where you’ll provide your content that needs spinning. After that’s done, there are some settings you need to cater to. Here, are some settings that are available with the standard spinning.

  • 1st input – This helps you pick the quality of the content that you wish for WordAI to produce for you. In this there are 7 options for you to choose from. These are: Extremely Unique, Very Unique, Unique, Regular, Readable, Very Readable, and Extremely Readable.
  • 2nd Input – This will allow you to choose whether or not you wish for WordAI to automatically rewrite the entire sentences for you. This input is helpful as it will let you create a more unique version of your content towards the end.
  • 3rd Input – This helps you choose whether or not you want WordAI to automatically add or remove or rearrange the sentences. Just like the 2nd input, this too will give you a more unique version of your content.
  • 4th input – This allows you to choose whether or not you want WordAI to automatically spin paragraphs for you. Again like the 2nd and the 3rd input, this too is helpful in giving you a more unique version of the content.

The team of the WordAI has come up with certain directions for distinct needs and here we will discuss them one by one.

  • Very Readable Content – To create a very readable content, WordAI recommends setting the 1st input as “Very Readable” and further allowing the settings of both sentence rewriting and paragraph editing (2nd and 3rd input). In addition to this, you need to disallow automatic paragraph spinning which is the 4th input. So, when you keep all these settings while spinning your content, you are likely to create a fairly less unique version of the content as in here less synonyms will be used for the words.
  • Readable And Unique Content – Now, to be able to create a Readable And Unique Content, the recommended settings are the same as for the one above however there is a minor difference. In here, you’ll have to change the 1st input to “Readable”. So, when you do this, you’ll be able to create a more unique version of your content and yet maintain a high readability level. Usually, this one is the best setting as it helps maintain a great balance between the human readability and uniqueness of the content generated.
  • Tier 1 Content – To create a Tier 1 content the WordAI team recommends setting the 1st input as “Regular”, however, I would recommend using the “Readable” option here once again. However, for the tier 1 content, you can activate the paragraph spinning (4th option).
  • Tier 2 Content – To create the Tier 2 content, you’ll have to follow the same options as in the case of the Tier 1 content situation. However, again there is a very minor difference in the setting where you have to set 1st input as “Regular”. It is necessary because by logic, the lower tiers ought to have a lower quality of content as compared to the upper tiers or you might get picked up by the Google’s black and white ninja. And that’s something neither of us like, right?

Spinning With The “Vry Readable” Setting

Using the Very Readable Content settings suggested by WordAI, it didn’t take over 30 seconds for WordAI to spin a very small piece of your content. This is a proof that there’s a lot of processing happening on the back-end. And as a result of this, the generated content is believed to have an average of 94% uniqueness.

Spinning With The “Readable” Setting
Now, when you spin the content with the “Readable” setting, the entire process of spinning by WordAI is done in 20 Seconds. This is also a proof of the fact that the settings provided by WordAI are worth and their speed and content quality can improve or decline as per your need. After making the choice between a slideshow and a marketing video, you will be able to access multiple storyboards which display a number of themes for creating a video. These prove to be useful when you need to create a video from a scratch and add multiple transition effects.

Spinning With The “Extremely Unique” Setting
When you set your WordAI tool at extremely Unique setting, the process of spinning is completed in about 15 seconds. However, in this type of setting, the output of the content that is generated has a more unique feel and a less of a reader or a writer feel.

The “Turing” Spinner

More often than not, the Turing Spinner page looks almost the same as the Standard spinner. The same 4 inputs are available below the content field in addition to one more which allows you to choose whether or not you want WordAI to generate a title for the content.

Now let us take a look at the 3 settings of the Turing spinner.

Spinning With The “Very Readable” Setting
When you turn your spinner to a very readable setting, it naturally took more time than what a Standard spinner takes to complete this task. So, conclusively, under this setting, there’s really a lot of stuff happening on the back-end of the Turing spinner.

Spinning With The “Readable” Setting
Using the readable setting for turing spinner, the uniqueness in content seemed to be lesser than what you achieved with the very readable setting. However the content looked as it drafted and written by a professional writer.

Spinning With The “Unique” Setting
In this setting, you can achieve up to 81% uniqueness score on our spin as the setting was more inclined towards achieving uniqueness over the readability. Still the final output content was great and did save us a lot of time.

The “Foreign Language” Spinner

The WordAI tool is not just capable of spinning the content in English language but it is also capable of conversion and spinning the content in languages like Spanish, French, and Italian. So, input the text and you can test yourself for the results that WordAI will produce for you. As already seen in the Turing and the Standard spinner, the result ought to be excellent and unique as per the chosen setting.

This also means that using the WordAI tool you can write content in any language without actually having the knowledge of that language because the WordAI tool will automatically detect the language and work accordingly.

Other Features of WordAI

In addition to the content settings, the WordAI tool also has certain other settings which will come handy for you while you wish to generate some unique content.

1. Custom Synonyms at WordAI
Custom Synonyms feature helps the users to add their own synonyms for certain keywords and then force WordAI to use these synonyms when it comes upon a word from your list. These synonyms can be used for any article as they can be saved by you in your account and further used and re-used whenever needed. These synonym can be used from your account or while working at spinning content.

2. Protected Words at WordAI Spinner
Now, another useful thing that the WordAI tool lets you do is add some keywords which you don’t want the software to include at all. For instance, if you never wish for the WordAI tool to spin the word for your brand or any specific service provided by you, you can add that word or name to your protected words list.

This feature is fairly very helpful to get some pre control over the content generated. You will not require making post changes to the content when this feature is active.

In addition to this there are certain other features that you can control with turing spinner. These are listed under the advanced settings and primarily apply only to the “Turing” spinner. Here let’s discuss these options, one by one.

3. Protect words inside quotes – This feature lets you decide whether or not you want WordAI’s “Turing”spinner to ignore any content found inside quotes while spinning the content.

4. Protect titles and proper nouns – This feature lets you decide whether or not you want WordAI’s “Turing”spinner to ignore words starting with a capital letter i.e. words in titles, names, etc.

5. Protect URLs – This feature lets you decide whether or not you want WordAI’s “Turing” spinner to ignore URLs.

What’s The Difference Between WordAI Turing Spinner & WordAI Standard Spinner?

Now, as it is already clear to you that there are two versions of this tool, how are the two different from each other? Let’s read through it!

The WordAI “Standard” is indeed an excellent spinner. It is capable of doing just about everything that any other application in this marketplace is capable of but the end result achieved with it is definitely better than what you’d get with the other tools or software.

Please remember, that in the WordAI “Standard”, the quality of the content achieved by you is largely depend on the settings set by you. Now, here, the more aggressive you are with your settings, the more unique your content will be. However, there is a chance that the more unique your content is, the less readable and machine like it may appear to be.

However, the Turing spinner of WordAI is mainly focussed on rewriting the structure and flow of the sentences of the content without hampering the meaning and the essence of the content. In here, the tool will not just swap the words with their synonyms but rather understand the message being conveyed in the content and then re-writing the content as a professional human writer would.

So, using the WordAI Turing, you can convert one fine article into some 20 to 30 good articles which will all be unique to get indexed and readable.

WordAI File Manager To Store Your Files

In the “Account” menu, you can see the “File Manager”. Under this, there is a sub-menu which will take you to a page with all of your stored spintax files.

Besides editing and spinning these files, there are 4 other actions that you can perform on your saved files. These are listed here as follows:

  1. Delete.
  2. Download .ZIP With Spintax.
  3. Download .ZIP With Super Unique Spins.
  4. Download .ZIP With Random Spins.

WordAI Pricing

There are two distinct pricing plans available for the WordAI tool. One is the monthly pricing plan which will cost you around $49.95 per month and the other is the yearly pricing plan that will amount to $347 per year. Irrespective of the plan chosen by you, you will get same features.

Please remember that under both these plans, every month, you have a limit on the words you can spin with both of WordAI spinners. The limit is set to

-2,500,000 for the “Standard” spinner and
-250,000 for the “Turing” spinner.

Irrespective of the reason, if by any chance, you exceed the limit, you’ll be charged extra. So, for this additional usage, you’ll be charged at the following prices:

-$10 per 1,000,000 words for the “Standard” spinner.
-$3 per 10,000 words for the “Turing” spinner.

By default, the WordAI tool doesn’t restrict your account to go over the default pricing limit of your plan. So, if even by mistake, you exceed the set limit, you’ll be charged at the above listed rates. However, in order to avoid this costly mistake, you can go to the “Usage Info” page and change the settings by checking the ‘Don’t allow me to go over my limit’ option. This option will protect you from not going over the limit and hence not paying anything extra.

WordAI Pros & Cons

-Easy to use – Clean Interface
-Multilingual English, Spanish, French, Italian
-Add your own words and synonyms
-Accessible from any device
-Great content generated
-Allow several level of content generation
-No lifetime license
-Quite expensive
-Has monthly words limit

Final Verdict

Lastly, we can easily say that the WordAI tool is by far the best spinner in the SEO market in terms of quality and the range of quality that can be generated with the help of this software. This is an extremely easy to use and intuitive tool that is integrated to work with all of the top online marketing tools.

In the end, we’ll conclude by saying that if you need a decent spun content backed with high level of uniqueness, opt for WordAI as this one is the best tool as per the current SEO market standards.

WordAI is must to have tool for bloggers, newbie writers, Guest Bloggers, Link Building Experts and SEO persons. People that belongs these sectors will found it to be very helpful. Also business owners can take help of this tool if want to attract users to their blog at lower price and with minimal time.

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